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"RITERS" embodies the spirit of works like "Catch 22", and the sixties cult classic, "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me".  Combining the absurd  and insightful with the hysterical and tragic, Harris choreographs an unexpected embrace of opposites in a world far stranger than one where machines are conscious.  

The noted literary periodical, Kirkus reviews, described the novel this way..."Harris'  work is a shrewd genre piece that takes place in an expanding universe that doesn't shy away from farce.  A sometimes-preposterous but often profound tale of civilization struggling to persevere.  One of the tale's strongest points is its treatment of flesh-and-blood intimacy versus the virtual kind."  

Seattle Book Review by Glenn Dallas:  "A  novel that vaults into its storytelling with confidence and gusto, never letting up for a second. Harris is unrelenting this way, going balls to the wall in terms of ambitious plotting, indulgent tangents, and sumptuous detail, all in the service of describing the journey.  It does force a heightened sense of awareness and attention from the reader.  Every detail is absorbed and dissected in order to place another key rung into the ladder of understanding as we climb from the depths of the earth and into the sky along side the  characters. This is  a world where sex is as casual and negotiable as it is intimate, and the characters indulge in it early and often as a manner of building relationships and exerting power over each other.   'Riters' is a curious book.  But it is a fascinating one, a story within a story about the journey one takes, and  how it might not turn out to be the journey you expected.  I don;t want to give away anything more than that." 


 That good looking fellow in the adjacent photograph is me at forty four years old.  When I look at that picture I see in my faint smile, someone who still has in him a sense of wonder.  Now, twenty seven years later, I don't know if that would be discernible in my old man's face.  But I do know, in spite of the ravages of time and the chaos of living...it is still there.  Over the years I have seen thousands of faces in which that glint has faded, erased by various applications of entropy's philosophical 'proof' - "defecate in one hand and wish in the other, and see which fills up, faster."  My purpose in writing this book was to rejuvenate that sense of wonder in those who still possess it, and bring it back from the dead for those who don't.  In order for this revival to be convincing I would need to wade into the heart of mayhem and what better way than in a dystopian tale of the future.  I've always been a big fan of science fiction.  But I also realized that the only way to navigate the madness humanity is prone to and have any hope of keeping all hands on deck during the sex, drugs, and rock and roll of violence, would be to employ the perspective of farce.  This would make it possible to maintain a sense of humor through it all, and humor is very important to a sense of wonder.  In full disclosure, I need to let you know this is not an "easy" book to read.  There is a good deal of "future jargon" which is designed to make you feel like an alien in an alien world.  Uncertainty is prerequisite to seeing things differently.  I make a point of defining all these terms in context, at least twice on the first page they're introduced, so it's not that hard to pick up the lingo if you're paying attention.  I only want your attention.  Right now, you are probably asking yourself who does this guy think he is?  For the purposes of this book, I'm the one who wants to reignite that sense of wonder.     

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